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hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been updating this space for SUCH a long time. But i’ve been really busy with almost nothing. It’s as if watching insane episodes of torrented TV and internet videos is really tiring. It’s not important in retrospect, but faced with the choice of reading a book or doing stats, the … Continue reading

http://www.incredibox.fr/ I spent an hour playing with it…..

Coke machine of the Future

Look at this! Quite something. If you look beyond the geeky white voice behind the camera, this is actually really a very cool machine. It’s the new machine every legit company must have in their pantry. I would suspect that they even have a random mix option that will get you things like Dr Pepper, … Continue reading


As i said earlier, i think Mcdonalds is owned by greedy aliens that want to fatten human beings up before harvesting us for food and fuel.

A rather Unpleasant Experience

So, I volunteered to do the recording for the nation’s birthday. Today was the first day. Not to whine or anything, but some things that were communicated to us were horrible. At the Guardhouse: “We don’t have your nominal roll” “You sent it? Hmm, do you have a hardcopy?” In the Recording studio: “This song … Continue reading

Something awesome is coming your way

Are your ears tired of bad covers? We have a cure!

The Job Search

It’s here again, the summer holidays. And the question that always pops up: “What to do with all this time?” Well, a few months ago, i had a great idea; i was to do an internship with some awesome bank, so that when i graduate, I will either get hired by the bank i interned … Continue reading

plug in to the nus economist

So late this semester i rejoined the NUS publications arm, or they are now better known, as the NUS Economist, a magazine that seeks to increase the standard of student-run publication in the National University of Stairs. The monthly publication focuses on current affairs, applied economics, and financial news as it’s main desks. I joined … Continue reading

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